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Close Your Eyes In ‘Pulse’ to Let Sound Guide You Through Its Forbidden Paths


The world around Eva, our protagonist, is falling apart. Troublesome to say the least. On top of that, Eva is without the gift of sight – or rather, she is unable to see, yet she actually can. Confused? Alright, well, she is blind, yet courtesy of a unique ability, her surroundings become somewhat visible through… sound. Peculiar? Quite, but there’s little time to speculate, as the world is – yet again – in need of saving.

Whether it be mere raindrops or a loud explosion in the distance – if it makes a noise, Eva will be able to ‘visualize’ it (more or less, anyway). Given the first-person platforming approach of Pulse, this method of navigation is bound to take some getting used to, and yet at the same time, I’d say it sounds (no pun intended) amazing. Anyone can jump from one rock to another, if they’re able to, at all times, see exactly what lies ahead… but what if you only get momentary glimpses?

Pulse is the final form of the IGF finalist and Unity Award winning prototype originally created by the team at Pixel Pi Games as a project of love. Multiple years in the making, we’re extremely happy to finally be able to deliver the experience we always wanted to make. We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we have making it.

Oh, almost forgot: since there’s no guarantee of the world around you making noises as needed, you’re able to toss tiny forest animals around. No, really. Tiny, adorable animals are at your disposal, ready to… MAKE SOME NOISE! Right. Anyway, sound! A world to save! Eva! Did I mention how cute those lil’ critters are? Kinda makes me wonder if the dev’s gonna get in trouble with PETA, seeing how you aren’t exactly treating them properly, throwing them around leisurely and all. Although perhaps they’re willing to look the other way, since you’re trying to save an entire world? Actually, come to think of it, maybe you’re attempting to destroy it instead? Could be.

Pulse – Windows, OS X, Steam OS, Linux (Steam, Humble Store), with a $14.99 price tag.

Pulse – Launch Trailer