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PSA: ‘The Search for Oceanspirit Dennis’ Has Gone Open Source

The Search For Oceanspirit Dennis

Every time a developer releases the building blocks of his/her creation to the public, I can’t help but smile. I mean, it’s just such a nice gesture, and one that might even end up helping aspiring programmers at some point down the road. Adventure Game Studio users in this case, new and old alike.

Even though The Search For Oceanspirit Dennis is a free game, that the source code is now publicly available is still quite nifty. Heck, OneDollar Productions even went as far as to include the graphics and sound effects! This means Adventure Game Studio users could in theory use this to create their own Oceanspirit Dennis game, with these resources as a base; beats starting from scratch, obviously.

Want to see just how messy my code gets when I have too much to do and a fast approaching deadline? Well good news, because you can now download the source code in all its sparsely-commented glory!

Then again, it might make more sense to create something brand new instead, considering the sheer amount of Oceanspirit Dennis games in existence. You’ll need Adventure Game Studio (AGS) 3.2.1 or newer to open the files, but beyond that, what happens is entirely up to you. AGS fan creations tend to be quite popular these days, meaning you’ll be crafting something for a well-established community with plenty of people eagerly awaiting another adventure; myself included.

Note: given its original June 28, 2013 publication, this obviously isn’t “news”. I just missed it back then and felt that something like this should be shared anyway; better late than never.