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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: Prisma & the Masquerade Menace

Prisma (GL)

At first glance, the world in which Prisma & the Masquerade Menace takes place may seem all lovely and peaceful. Sadly, that is not even remotely the case, as magical masks have… taken over… powerful creatures? Yeah. I don’t know. Magic is weird. Whatever the case, these things must be destroyed… by the dimension-hopping duo, Ray and Fractal. Magic!

Now, when I say ‘dimension-hopping’, I don’t mean that this groovy duo actually leaps between dimensions in the way most are familiar with (wait, what?). In fact, it’s a bit of an oddity, enhancing the platforming aspect by bestowing various powers upon Ray – courtesy of Fractal. Confusing? Not really: Ray’s the whimsical protagonist, while Fractal’s the one providing her with, you know, the ability to enter different dimensions – each with vastly different laws of physics (among other things). Simple enough.

Prisma & the Masquerade Menace is a challenging, side-scrolling puzzle platformer set in a colorful, yet dangerous, multi-dimensional world. Utilize the unique power of each dimension by switching between them to gain the ability to jump higher, run faster, and destroy obstacles.

Jump higher, run faster, smash through obstacles, or… none of the above, depending on where the player goes. Now, before you go all “why would anyone ever be in that last one then?”, here’s the thing – not everything exists in every dimension; specifically, the environment. A platform here but not there, for example, and maybe deadly, otherwise insurmountable obstacles disappear/reappear, depending on where you go? Wouldn’t surprise me. Oh, and apparently NPCs also react differently, depending on the current dimension. Peculiar.

But enough of that, as there’ll likely be no masks to smash or dimensions to leap through for Ray and Fractal, unless Prisma & the Masquerade Menace‘s Kickstarter goal is met. At the time of writing, things aren’t looking great, although I’m sure the remaining $15,786 (of $20,000) will have been pledged long before March 16. I mean, really, 21 days for something so groovy looking? There’s no way it won’t succeed. Simply no way.

Prisma is on Kickstarter!

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