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An Adventurous Tale of Two Robots: ‘Primordia’ Is Out

There are plenty of post-apocalyptic games nowadays, but to the best of my knowledge, very few are point ‘n’ click adventures, which is exactly what Primordia is. The story revolves around Horatio and Crispin, two robots content with their everyday life in the wastelands, when suddenly all that changes dramatically as their very existence is threatened by the theft of their power core – robots need power to function, after all. Their only options now are to either recover the stolen energy source or find a replacement.

Developed by Wormwood Studios and published by Wadjet Eye Games, Primordia is an adventure that’s old-school both in terms of puzzle solving and visually; as I wrote in my preview: “the stylish hand-drawn visuals look quite good, with a somewhat pixelated look”. Audio-wise, the game features a fully voiced cast that includes the talent of Logan Cunningham (of Bastion and Resonance fame) as the voice of Horatio. Good stuff!

If you want a glance at what makes Horatio’s sarcastic sidekick tick, I’d recommend reading Crispin’s Log, while the game itself can be picked up for $9.99 either DRM-free from the publisher (with a Steam key) where a demo can also be found, from GOG and finally, Steam.