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Post-Human Pointy-Clicky Goes Mobile as Primordia Hits the App Store

Four years, some months and a bunch of days ago, Wormwood Studios showed what a pixellated post-human world might look like in their pointy and clicky Primordia (remember?). An amazing experience full of laughter, tears, and all that good stuff. Oh and puzzles, because ya know those darn things are a genre stable. But that was then, this is now, and the game just got more awesome. How? It’s available on the App Store, that’s how! Very groovy. Unless you’re an Android user, in which case, not so much.

Now, for those not familiar with Primordia, the game takes place in a time long past the days of Man. That’s right, we’re… well… we’re gone. I guess. So instead of some hooman, you’ll be playing the part of Horatio Nullbuilt the robot, and his – to some extent – witty sidekick, Crispin. Pretty peaceful life the two got made for themselves – until some jerk decides to run off with the power core they need to stay alive that is.

Needless to say, they’re determined to get it back, even though any and all plans to do so involve leaving the sanctuary of their home and heading to Metropol; a city so big it may hold questions neither of them knew they actually wanted answers to. Or something along those lines. Spoiler: it’s pretty big and important stuff.

While I suspect little has actually changed for the iPhone or iPad ports, aside from some resolution messing-around, there is still something new to celebrate this brand new version of an aging adventure: a video chronicling the voiceover recording sessions. Kinda. Or just outtakes. Either way, worth a watch for sure.

Primordia is available on iTunes, priced at $4.99.

Primordia launch trailer

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