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‘Pilot Sports’ Aims to Reach for the Sky With Aerial Obstacle Courses This September

If you’ve ever dreamt of sailing through the skies in an airplane, descend rapidly in parachutes or… wait, jetpacks? Wow. Right. Anyway, in Pilot Sports cooperative fun is on the menu as up to four players go aerial for some local multiplayer fun in one of fifty(!) courses. Oh, and I believe the sun is always shining on this particular island. Groovy.

Plenty of variety in terms of objectives too, as – based on available screenshots at the time of writing – it seems players will be able to go paragliding towards a bullseye, parachute towards an odd scoreboard of sorts while dodging mines, and I do believe… pop balloons with a plane to acquire boxes. Weird stuff, but hey, definitely sounds like good couch gaming fun to me!

As for when we’ll be able to experience all that, well, Wild River and Z-Software aims to have Pilot Sports flying high on Switch and PlayStation 4 this September – so not an overly long wait. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there’s any plans for a PC release, although at this point, who doesn’t own a Switch, really?

Pilot Sports Announcement Trailer