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PC Port of XBLA Hit ‘Poker Smash’ Needs Kickstarting

Poker Smash

Back in 2008, Void Star Creations released a game that mixed Tetris Attack with Poker on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade platform, namely Poker Smash. It was a highly enjoyable game and one that I played quite a bit, although… I was never any good at it (doesn’t matter, still had fun). Then in 2010, the iOS port was released and at that point, many were wondering: where was the PC port? Well, thanks to the power of crowdfunding, they might be able to finally release one this year!

I found it odd that five years have gone by without even hints at a PC port, but according to the developer, a lukewarm reception of the iOS port caused them to abandon Poker Smash in favor of other projects (like their upcoming title, Junction). Thankfully, in the end they decided to listen to fan requests and as such, work began on the PC version, with plans to implement every single feature of the original XBLA release and then some.

If you’re curious, a demo of Poker Smash can be found on the Kickstarter page, just keep in mind that it’s nowhere near feature complete, which is why they’re taking the crowdfunding route:

We could release Poker Smash as-is, but we want to take the time to build out all the original Xbox features, and more!

While that’s a great plan and all, they’ll be releasing the game “no matter what”, meaning that the extra money is to help ensure that the PC version will be definitive. And in case Action, Puzzle, Practice and Theme Playlist wasn’t enough, a tournament mode for up to five players (chances are this will be a Steam exclusive feature) is currently on the drawing board; five-player Poker Smash sounds like a good time to me! But it gets even better: every piece of DLC from the XBLA version, premium or not, will be included free of charge in the PC port; doesn’t mean there won’t be new content post-launch however.

Feel like supporting Void Star Creations financially to aid their porting of Poker Smash to PC? Head on over to the Kickstarter page with a buck, or eight if you want the game and ten if you also desire early alpha access to their upcoming game, Junction. Those with big wallets and an unhealthy taste for pizza could also go for the $200 tier. This includes a meet-and-greet with the game creator in his own home, where he will play against you in Poker Smash – hope you don’t mind losing (cost of transportation and accommodations not included).

So… you in or out?

Tetris Attack + Poker = Poker Smash