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PAX East 2019 Indie MEGABOOTH Brings Glorious Indie Gaming Goodness

PAX East! 78 games! 18 countries! 7,000-square-foot Indie MEGABOOTH! In a few weeks that is, and you better believe there’s plenty a groovy reason to attend, one of which is, of course, the Indie MEGABOOTH! Did I mention Indie MEGABOOTH? Oh. Good, because… Indie MEGABOOTH!

Need more details? No? Great! Then without further ado, this year’s PAX East Indie MEGABOOTH (and MINIBOOTH, because why not?) lineup…


Aftercharge ** (Chainsawesome Games)
Afterparty (Night School Studio)
Anew: The Distant Light (Resonator)
Astrologaster ** (Nyamyam)
AVARIAvs ** (Juncture Media)
Bite the Bullet * (Mega Cat Studios)
Bloodroots ** (Paper Cult)
BOMBFEST ** (Sudden Event Studios)
Close To The Sun ** (STORM IN A TEACUP)
Cosmo’s Quickstop (Big Sir Games)
Dangerous Driving * (Three Fields Entertainment)
Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna (KeokeN Interactive)
DeMagnete VR ** (BitCake Studio)
Evergate ** (Stone Lantern Games LLC)
Fling to the Finish * (SplitSide Games)
Flotsam ** (Pajama Llama Games)
Freedom Finger * (Wide Right Interactive)
From Rust ** (Razbury Games)
Fugl ** (Team Fugl)
Get in the Car, Loser! (Love Conquers All Games)
Gunhead ** (Alientrap Games)
Joggernauts ** (Space Mace)
Kaisuo (Team Lantern)
Keen ** (Cat Nigiri)
KUNAI * (TurtleBlaze)
Later Daters * (Bloom Digital Media)
Moving Out * (SMG Studio)
Necrosphere Deluxe (Cat Nigiri)
One Finger Death Punch 2 ** (Silver Dollar Games)
Out of Space ** (Behold Studios)
Quantum League * (NGD Studios)
Shadow Brawlers ** (Team Guazu)
Shortest Trip to Earth ** (Interactive Fate)
Skellboy ** (Umaiki Games)
Speed Brawl * (Double Stallion Games)
Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks) (Ian & Elie)
Star Renegades ** (Massive Damage, Inc.)
Starship Commander: Arcade (Human Interact LLC)
STAY ** (Appnormals Team)
Super Crush KO ** (Vertex Pop)
Tales of the Neon Sea ** (Palm Pioneer)
The Church in the Darkness ** (Paranoid Productions)
The Inner Friend ** (PLAYMIND)
The Messenger ** (Sabotage Studio Inc.)
The World Next Door ** (Rose City Games)
Tin Hearts * (Rogue Sun)
Trailmakers ** (Flashbulb)
Unannounced Title * (Flight School Studio)
Unannounced Title * (Litebox LLC)
Unannounced Title * (Pillow Castle Games)
UnderMine ** (Thorium)
WHAT THE GOLF? ** (Triband)
Wytchwood ** (Alientrap Games)
ZED ** (Eagre Games)


Backworlds ** (Logic Ember)
Half Past Fate * (Serenity Forge)
Mirages of Winter * (Mirari Games)
Quench ** (Axon Interactive)
Roterra ** (Dig-iT! Games)
Shadow Fencer Theatre ** (ShuddaHaddaLottaFun)
SiNKR 2 ** (Wahler Digital)
Sky Racket ** (Double Dash Studios)
Spring & Flow ** (SPARSE//GameDev)
Suzy Cube (NorthernBytes Software)
while True: learn() * (Luden.io)


0°N 0°W * (Colorfiction)
39 Days to Mars (It’s Anecdotal)
Arcade Spirits (Fiction Factory Games)
Emily is Away <3 * (Kyle Seeley)
Hamsterdam ** (Muse Games)
Headliner: NoviNews ** (Unbound Creations LLC)
One Step From Eden (Thomas Moon Kang)
REZ PLZ ** (Long Neck Games)
SkateBIRD * (Glass Bottom Games)
Sole ** (Gossamer Games)
Summoners Fate (D20Studios, LLC)
Where the Bees Make Honey ** (Wakefield Interactive)

* Denotes titles that will be publicly playable for the first time either globally or in North America
** Titles that will showcase a new demo/content/level/features/environment/etc.


Indie MEGABOOTH PAX East 2019 Lineup Teaser Trailer