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Free ‘Path of Exile’ Mini-Expansion ‘Sacrifice of the Vaal’ Unleashed

Path of Exile

If you haven’t played this gem of an action RPG yet, I’d say it’s about bloody time – won’t cost a single cent either! Well, unless you’re a hoarder, because then you’ll likely have to spend a few bucks on expanding your stash sooner or later. Playing the main game and experiencing every last bit of content is free though, and with this brand new content update, there’s more to Path of Exile than ever before.

Exactly how Grinding Gear Games can stay afloat with such a generous F2P model is puzzling. Maybe the cosmetic microtransactions, stash expansions and extra character slots are more popular than I suspect? Maybe. Anyway, Sacrifice of the Vaal (SotV) went live earlier today, bringing along new end-game content as well as extra stuff throughout the entire game. I’d say the most prominent part of this one is the Vaal Orbs, as these can be used to add white sockets to items (among other things). Just remember that due to their corrupted nature, they also prevent further modification of said item.

Ain’t all about the loot though, as there’s a fair amount of asskicking to do with more than sixty new boss encounters and a bunch of new leagues, including the hardcore high level Invasion. This [league], along with corrupted areas, is where the SotV specific boss fights will take place. “Because these bosses are featured in corrupted areas and the Invasion league, we’ve designed them to be especially lethal.” Oh man, my poor witch. On the other hand, I do so enjoy a proper challenge!

Atziri herself still lingers in a nightmare realm that is starting to leak back into the land of Wraeclast. Now, as the queen rises again, her corruption spreads throughout Wraeclast. Queen Atziri must be defeated.

Well, if prior story-based battles are any indication, we’re gonna have our hands full taking this bit– monster down. Won’t stop people from trying though, that much is certain! So pick a class, spend a few minutes being overwhelmed by the massive skill tree, follow that up with a mad dash towards Lioneye’s Watch, after which… your adventure can begin. With quest lines spanning several difficulty levels (like in Diablo II) across three acts, a complex equipment/upgrade system and countless monsters to slay, needless to say, there’s rarely a dull moment in Wraeclast.

Path of Exile is available from the official website and via. Steam. Note: point packs can only be acquired directly from the developer.


Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal Official Trailer