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Upcoming ‘Path of Exile’ Expansion Finally Detailed, Will be Free and Massive

Path of Exile (July 2014)

Remember when Atziri rose to wreak havoc across Wraeclast back in March? I honestly thought such large a chunk of free content meant that surely, Grinding Gear Games had gone mad. But guess what? They’re at it again, and even though all details have not been revealed yet, Forsaken Masters looks to be both amazing, and absolutely massive!

So, seven masters, eh? Apparently, this lot rebelled against the tyranny of Dominus, a name that should be familiar to Path of Exile veterans, and now they’re here to train you. Provided you’re willing to help them with certain tasks beforehand, that is. But you’ll have to find them first. Haku the armourmaster and Vorici the master assassin (with the remaining five revealed at later dates) awaits your arrival, somewhere in these vast, corrupted lands.

Some say that Dominus exiled the dregs of Oriath to the shores of Wraeclast. No, he exiled anyone who was going to give him trouble, who was going to cause ripples in his progressive theocracy.

Unlike your average NPC, which pretty much only serves as a quest manager, the seven forsaken offer a lot more, even if you’ll have to do a fair amount of work to get it. Earn their trust, and you’ll be given your very own secret hideout for starters, from which daily missions(!) are available, along with special crafting options. Good stuff.

Oh and of course, new leagues! What? Oh. Well yeah – finally! It’s been much too long since Ambush and Invasion ended, but come August 20th (expansion release date), Rampage and Beyond will start. As always, you’ll need to create a new character to participate in either, the first of which is standard fare, while the latter… well, that’s for the hardcore crowd. We’ll know more about the two, come August 8 and 15, respectively.

Ain’t all about adding either, as existing content – including the passive skill tree – has also received an overhaul. New lore can be found across each of the three acts and boss fights have been modified, to be “more intense and surprising”. Eek. As if some of those darn brutes weren’t dastardly enough as is! Then again, Path of Exile has made a name for itself as a ‘hardcore experience’, so I suppose such a change makes sense. Besides, I do enjoy a challenge – to a certain point, at least.

Information overload? I hope not, because those are just some of the things Grinding Gear Games have in store for the August 20th release of… Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters. Oh and did I mention that like the main game, it won’t carry any sort of price tag? Awesome.

Path of Exile is available from the official website and via. Steam. Note: point packs can only be acquired directly from the developer.