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‘Path of Exile’ Content Update 1.3.0 Detailed Ahead of December Launch

Path of Exile 1.3.0

It’s been a few months since the popular ARPG, Path of Exile, last got a content update, but later this month, fans are in for yet another treat in the form of update 1.3.0. This time the focus is on PvP additions and changes, although that’s not to say it’s all about smashing other players, as some of it will also affect those who’d rather take on the game itself.

Now, since I’m amongst the PvE-oriented players, this writeup’s gonna be kicked off with the two new leagues, both of which began this weekend (apologies for being a bit late with the news). As always, new leagues means a fresh economy, as nothing from other/prior leagues will be available. Neat, eh? A fresh start, as it were. Both will be clearing their desk and heading out the door this Friday, at 5pm PST, sending players back to their respective leagues.

First up we have Torment, which is full of spooky spirits, ready to make the lives of players miserable – or potentially the exact opposite – by imbuing nearby enemies with dangerous new powers… while also increasing their drop quality! Groovy. Then there’s Bloodlines, a hardcore league which revolves around synergy for groups of hostile creatures, a modifier that requires players to stop, look and listen, before charging into the fray. Either that, or risk getting annihilated amidst the confusion. Your choice.

But enough PvE, for there are other players to slaughter, some of which will never see past the twenty-eight level (wait, what?). A new Forsaken Master was introduced with 1.3.0, featuring daily missions revolving around besting other players in mortal combat, as well as of course, a hideout all his own. Doesn’t end there either: PvP tournaments and seasons were also added, with several different modes to partake in, prizes to win and special end-of-season event for the most skilled. Oh and how about being able to jump right in as a level 28, without having to do the PvE grind first? Well, now you can do just that – lovely, eh?

On top of all that, there’s also a revamped skill tree (mostly for Witch, Shadow and Ranger), which means… wait for it… free respec/reset. If you’ve ever wanted to completely change a character, and don’t feel like leveling a new one to do it, now’s the ti– wait, no, December 12th is the time to fire up Path of Exile. Or you could play right now. It’s free after all, with only cosmetics and additional storage space in terms of microtransactions. F2P done right.

Path of Exile is available from the official website and via. Steam. Note: point packs can only be acquired directly from the developer.