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‘Paper Jekyll’ Impressions: A Two-Dimensional Double Twist On the Classic

Paper Jekyll

Looks like Dr. Jekyll is at it again, as his violent alter-ego, Mr. Hyde, has been spotted on the streets of London; or rather, in his very own stealth-ish platformer. Oh and he’s joined by Dr. Jekyll, obviously, as the two have a certain… connection. With a lot of cops, thugs and platforms, standing between Jekyll and his lab, it’s your job to help him reach it – without getting caught, that is.

If not for the whole transformation thing, this would be an easy task, but alas, it’s a curse you’ll have to bear. Don’t think it’s troublesome? Well, here’s how it works in Paper Jekyll: turning left will turn you into Mr. Hyde, while turning right makes ya go back to being Dr. Jekyll. So far so good. Unfortunately, cops will hunt – and kill – Mr. Hyde, while thugs have it in for Dr. Jekyll. Man, this guy just can’t catch a break!

Transforming into your infamous alter-ego does have certain advantages though, in that it allows for beating down cop and thug alike, simply by moving towards them. Also, while both risky and dangerous, being the green fella does mean cops will chase you on sight, and vice versa for turning back into pink-skin. Combine this with a bunch of conveniently placed platforms, and you should have no problem coming up with a solution to those two… pests.

Feel like stepping into the shoes of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, in this lovely paper-y video game adaptation? Then walk right this way, so that you too may experience the tale of… Paper Jekyll!

Paper Jekyll (The Public Domain Jam 2014) gameplay