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Time to Play the OROW 9 Games (Remember to Vote!)

Barrier (AGS OROW 7)

One room, one week, one game, a ninth time. One Room One Week (aka. OROW) is part game jam, part competition, tasking developers with creating a title using Adventure Game Studio within a single week, utilizing but one room. One. Just one. Not two. Not three. One. Oh and the games from the latest outing are readily available, awaiting playing and voting.

Now, whenever I cover a bunch of game jam creations at once, normally there’d be a brief note (ie. my impressions) of each. Not so with this one, as the organizer specifically stated that “Absolutely no information about your game should be shared with anyone until the competition and voting has ended.”

The OROW competition is a very simple competition were you make a game that is one room big in just one week. This competition has in the past proven what the members of this community are capable of, and it will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Whether or not this applies to even something as ‘basic’ as sharing screenshots in an article… I have no idea! Better safe than sorry though, ya know? Either way, you have until midnight (GMT) between the 6th and 7th to vote, and as I’m sure you’re now more than a little eager to point ‘n click the night away with a bunch of fresh creations… forum threaddownload linkvoting.