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OnePlay’s Plans For 2017: Reviving Desura and Indie Royale

OnePlay Desura Indie Royale

In today’s world where the likes of Steam and GOG.com pretty much dominate sales – and not just the indie sort – a return to form for online store, Desura, may be hard to imagine. And yet, that’s exactly what OnePlay has in store (get it?), not long after we cross over into 2017. Oh, and with it, popular bundler Indie Royale. Good thing too, as Humble could definitely do with some proper competition.

While Desura’s selection may have been all over the place in terms of quality, it was still a great place with a strong community. Until payment issues started occurring in 2015 that is, and not long after… the service was no more. A darn shame if you ask me, as a lot of up-and-coming developers managed to really get their creation out there thanks to what Desura offered.

Nothing compared to the likes of Steam of course, but on the flip side, there was no Greenlight to get through first. Create an account, submit your game(s), get approved, start counting them dollar bills. Simple as that. Hopefully, it will be just as strong following its scheduled return in early 2017, as a member of the OnePlay family. It and of course, Indie Royale, one of very few bundle platforms that focused exclusively on indie titles (hint hint, Humble Bundle).

Now, for those concerned that OnePlay will be ‘integrating’ Desura and Indie Royale, rather than allowing them to remain their own thing, worry not: that won’t be the case, “although overlapping campaigns, competitions etc. might/will occur”. Good thing too, as in my books, that’s how you do a proper service / platform revival, really. Help it become what it once was, maybe with a few tweaks and changes, but only a few.

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