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Okhlos: Don a Toga and Take Charge of a Crazed Mob Hellbent on Anarchy


We’ve been to Greece before in video games, sure, but did any of them place you in control of an unruly mob, one determined to topple the gods themselves? Yeah. Not likely. That’s exactly what Okhlos does though, thunderbolts, lightning and all. Time to become one with the mob…

But first you’ll have to do some recruiting, picking the filth from those with some actual use, adding from piles of slaves and peasants, as well as beasts of burden. Oh, that last one? Well, someone has to carry weapons, supplies, various spoils and who-knows-what-else, right? An angry mob, being a rather unorganized lot in nature, isn’t exactly the best place to leave such things, after all.

Not gonna lie, it’ll (probably) be a long journey, one which few will survive, but hey, expendable is expendable, so if someone dies, no problem – replace and move on. Everyone in this place is fed up with those pesky gods, so finding new recruits is hardly going to prove a challenge, I’d wager. That said, whether you’ll actually reach your destination and survive what awaits there (hint: Olympians), now that’s another matter entirely. But best of luck with your quest; toga, angry mob and all.

Okhlos is available from Steam and GOG.com, at $12.99.

Okhlos – Launch Trailer

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