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Oceanspirit Danish's Version of Hamlet Is Nonsensically Glorious

Oceanspirit Danish

Like in the original play, its main character starts off being confused as to whether his name is Denthello, MacDen or Denleth, and– what? That’s not how Shakespeare’s Hamlet begins? Oh. Well, good thing this is a parody then, or someone’d be in a world of trouble! Right. Anyway, the time has come for yet another Oceanspirit Dennis adventure, because… something is rotten in the state of Menmark.

Nonsensical or not though, the original cast is still – more or less – present and accounted for, even if they do have slightly altered names (likely due to further emphasize the game’s parodic nature). As for exactly how much of the plot Crystal Shard managed to cram into this one, well, my lacking knowledge of Hamlet means… I have no idea. Murder most foul hath taken place however, and Denleth’s more than a little eager to get revenge! But first he must acquire a pumpkin, for no adventure is complete without a puzzle or two.

Same goes for dialogue, and boy is it ever written in a strange language, which goes double for Denleth’s lines. Oh and that sword he’s carrying is known as the Emoblade (which will be put to use at several point throughout the game, in deadly duels!). So, appropriately strange or too over-the-top? Probably a bit of both, but keep in mind that while the original was a bloody tragedy, this version has after all been crafted to closer resemble that of a comedy. You know, because that’s not super obvious or anything.

But why take my word for it, when you could be playing Oceanspirit Danish yourself instead? The admission fee for this particular play, or version of it rather, is pay-what-you-want, so decide how much value you feel it might carry, and get to helping Denleth on his quest for revenge!

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