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‘Nothing To Hide’ Evolves From Prototype to Demo, Still Anti-Stealth

Nothing To Hide

Forget everything you know about stealth games, because it won’t help ya in Nothing To Hide. Here, avoiding detection is only going to get you killed, however strange that may sound. So for once, shadows are actually hazardous territory, as opposed to perfect hiding spots. Remember: hiding is criminal, because only criminals have something to hide.

It’s been a few months since my initial coverage of Nothing To Hide, and boy has it come a long way. For starters, the nameless protagonist of the prototype is now Poppy, the Prime Minister’s daughter, and she’s decided to run away from home! Can’t say I blame her. All that attention, day and night, just because your dad’s an important political figure. Ugh.

Unfortunately for her, watchful eyes (‘disguised’ as yellow triangles) are everywhere, monitoring everyone at all times. Hiding from them is a bad idea, because… well, let’s just say tranquilizer darts are involved, along with a trip back to the last checkpoint. As such, your only option is to ensure constant supervision by not breaking line of sight with one of those fancy triangles. Feel free to try, see what happens. You won’t get far though.

With the angle of shadows constantly changing depending where you are in relation to the nearest light source, this can be a rather tricky affair. Further complications arise from the fact that triangles don’t work on carpets, so that while you can move them around, placing one in certain areas won’t do ya any good. This probably goes without saying, but… don’t try moving one when it’s the only ‘camera’ in sight.

Nothing To Hide

While the first few levels are rather basic ‘reverse stealth puzzles’ with few moving parts, it’s not long before you’ll be dealing with conveyor belts and heavily carpeted areas. Bet ya Poppy never imagined running away would turn into such a complicated affair! Or maybe she did know, and decided to go for it anyway, fight the power and all that jazz? Who knows!

What I do however know, is that not only is there a demo just waiting to be played, the game is open source and its development is currently being crowdfunded. The deadline is March 12th, with about $29,000 to go. Time to prove that you have… Nothing To Hide!

Nothing To Hide: Gameplay Trailer, For Real This Time