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Good Times Ahead For Wii U and 3DS as Nintendo Unveils Huge Indie Lineup

Nintendo eShop

Seems Nintendo’s indie boss leaving the company to branch out on his own hasn’t slowed them down at all, which – no matter how you look at it – is a good thing. The show must go on after all, and if this recent reveal is any indication, they’ve got quite a performance planned for the eShop, on both Wii U and 3DS. Groovy.

Now, while many of these upcoming Nintendo indies are ports, there are still plenty brand new ones, like, say, the Gunman Clive sequel, along with RIVE, from the creator of Toki Tori. That said, there’s nothing wrong with ports at all, if it means reaching a wider audience – so long as they’re not rushed into awfulness. Oh and speaking of ports, here’s to a PC version of Swords & Soldiers II and Proun+ sooner, rather than later.

Full list can be found below, and hey, quite a few are actually right around the corner – just in time for the holidays! There are a bunch which won’t hit the digital Nintendo shelves until next year too, though. Patience, virtue, and so on, I guess.

Nintendo eShop games – Winter Highlights (Wii U & Nintendo 3DS)

(Source: Nintendo Life)