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All Has Been Revealed: Nindies Showcase Spring 2018, at a Glance

Nintendo just wrapped up their Nindies Showcase Spring 2018 stream, revealing a bunch of really fun looking indie games that are Switch-bound – exclusives, brand new titles, ports, and so on. Sixteen games in all, and what makes the lineup even more impressive is that… well, quite frankly, I want to play every last one. Every. Last. One! My thoughts on the lot? Sure, why not.

Mark of the Ninja Remastered (Switch exclusive(?), fall 2018)
To say that I absolutely love this game would be an understatement, as it is easily among the best platformers I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, start to finish. As for exactly what the ‘Remastered’ bit is all about remains unknown at this point. But… seeing how we’re dealing with a 2012 game here, chances are it’s simply a way to differentiate between this version and the original Xbox 360 release. I’d gladly be proven wrong though. We’ll see.

Fantasy Strike (summer 2018)
Seeing how the PC version is currently letting players beat the crap out of each other with rather unconventional weaponry in Early Access on Steam, I suspect this means we now have a release window for the final version. That and, really, the more fighters on Switch, the merrier, ya know? Even more so when they feature such a lovely art style.

Just Shapes & Beats (first on Switch, summer 2018)
A soundtrack overflowing with chiptunes and rockin’ beats? Well, I’m sold. Also, “face the music”. I see what you did there. Clever. Anyway, in spite of its seemingly simple style, something tells me there’ll still be plenty of fun to be had as it still looked nicely varied in terms of design.

Garage (first on Switch, spring 2018)
Ah, a gritty twin-stick shooter with zombies, mutants, weapon upgrades and other fun stuff, bathed in… some weird… 1980s VHS filter, apparently. What a weird mix, although one that certainly managed to catch my attention based entirely on what was shown here.

Pool Panic (first on Switch, system exclusive, 2018)
It has been quite a while since I played a good game of pool, or even billards for that matter, and this – while not even remotely comparable to the real deal – looks like an absolute blast! Super silly, over-the-top and weird. Basically, exactly how I suspect most people would prefer to play pool these days. In video game form anyway.

Bomb Chicken (first on Switch, summer 2018)
A platformer in which the protagonist is a bomb-laying chicken?! I… need this game on my Switch. Right now. Who needs stairs or the ability to jump when you can just pile bombs ever so high to go where no chicken has gone before? What a glorious concept!

Lumines Remastered (spring 2018)
Never thought I’d see the day, yet here we are, a Switch version of Lumines joining the already available – in order of release – PSP, PS2, PC, XBLA, PSN and iOS titles, hopefully with brand new features and/or music. Because this musical puzzler wasn’t already groovy enough, ya know? There’s always time for more Lumines.

Reigns: Kings and Queens (spring 2018)
The king is dead! Long live the king! It’ll be one of the two if you’re not careful at least, in this choice-driven compilation (Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty), so be sure to get political as best you can… or face the consequences.

Light Fall (first on Switch, spring 2018)
Fast-paced, hardcore, going-to-kick-my-you-know-what platformer, coming through! Brutal stuff, this one, and yet it has me intrigued. Maybe it’s the ‘create your own platforms’ bit, or perhaps the shadowy visuals? Or perhaps that the gameplay takes me to a world in which LIMBO and Super Meat Boy had become one and the same. Yeah. That’ll happen.

West of Loathing (system exclusive, spring 2018)
There are definitely not enough western themed games out there, and the system’s young age aside, even more so on the Switch. Doesn’t hurt its chances that West of Loathing is a silly RPG with a really cool hand-drawn stick-figure art style either, though. In fact, that might be something to actually increase its odds on the system.

Pode (spring 2018)
Ancient puzzles and secret passageways in a co-op enabled puzzle game? Another perfect fit for the Switch – even more so since the co-op aspect only requires a single joycon for each player! On top of that, this one just looks so… relaxing. Soothing. Almost zen-like.

The Messenger (summer 2018)
Looks like Switch owners are in for another ninja-related treat with what appears to be a really stylish metroidvania title, complete with… on-the-fly 8-bit and 16-bit switching?! Wow. Bet ya it’ll be really difficult, albeit fairly so – unlike its 8-bit ninja brethren.

Bad North (first on Switch, summer 2018)
I’ve always said tactical titles needed more emphasis on survivability, and this one certainly brings just that, with no way to bring a dead commander back. Exactly what defines a ‘commander’ has me a bit puzzled, although I’m thinking it’s the term used to describe each squadron. Or could it be a case of ‘leader dies, entire squadron goes with it’? Surely not. Guess we’ll find out as its launch approaches.

The Banner Saga trilogy (summer 2018)
It’s been much too long since I last played through the first of these amazing turn-based tactical titles, but from what I recall, it was a joyous time. Even during times of hardship, and… let’s just say not everyone survived the long journey. This is no time to mourn the dead, however. Instead, let us celebrate the fact that strategy fans will have not one, nor two, but three amazing titles to play this year. Titles in which stuff like decisions and who’s dead/alive carry over from one to the next. Oh boy.

Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Spring 2018