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Who Says There Are No Female Pirates? ‘Nelly Cootalot II’ Announced

Nelly Cootalot II: The Fowl Fleet

Nelly Cootalot originally appeared in the free point ‘n click adventure, Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! back in 2007, in which the spirit of a dead buccaneer asked her to investigate the disappearance of a fleet of birds (don’t the dead ever stay dead?). Alas, that was six years ago and recently her creator, Ali, finally announced that she’s getting ready for a brand new adventure in Nelly Cootalot II: The Fowl Fleet – something tells me birds will be involved again.

Unlike the first game, which was free, the upcoming sequel will be a commercial release. The reason behind that choice is that he wants to make the game much bigger than the original with even more islands to visit and improved visuals to boot. Oh and here’s a nice surprise: it will be pointier and clickier. Arr!

Pirate heroine Nelly Cootalot is on the trail of Baron Widebeard, from the South Seas to the icy north. The nefarious Baron has kidnapped a fleet of birds and hypnotised them to do his bidding. What is he planning? Can he be stopped? In what way is a frozen volcano involved?

Ha! I knew there’d be birds. To help him wrap up the creation of Nelly Cootalot II in a timely manner, a crowdfunding campaign will be launched in the near future and it seems that a playable demo might actually be part of it. Even though the project is coming along nicely, there’s currently no release window – official or otherwise. As such, I’d recommend visiting the official website for future updates on the exploits of Nelly Cootalot. Not that I won’t be covering any updates here, mind you, but far from everything has enough details to warrant an article; eyepatch or not…

(Source: AGS forums)