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Nar8 Is the Game Jam Writers and Storytellers Have Been Waiting For


If you can form a sentence, you’re already well on the way to telling a tale (tall or not). Create a character or two, or three, or… go nuts! Give them some backstory, or don’t – your story, your call. Piece together a setting, either fictional or something pre-existing. Once you’ve done all that, you’re pretty much ready to take part in Nar8!

Oh wait, you need to learn how to make a game too, but fortunately, the amount of readily available (and free) engines make that part as pain-free as possible; Twine, Inform, TADS and Quest, to name but a few. Personally, I prefer Twine, but that doesn’t mean the alternatives should be ignored as potential candidates for your little (or large) piece of interactive fiction.

Nar8 is different than some game jams in that entries are voted upon by users not for their graphics or their fun, but how successful they were in telling their story.

Another great thing about this jam, as stated in the above quote, is that a greater emphasis is placed on being a wordsmith capable of enthralling with his/her tales, than an artist who can paint a thousand words. As someone who can’t draw for crap, needless to say, I’m enticed by that aspect of Nar8.

Eager writers and aspiring storytellers have until July 1st to submit their game to the Nar8 jam. Also, there’s no theme restriction, so you’ve got complete freedom to let your creative juices flow. That said, I’d still recommend keeping it civil and at least somewhat mature, even if you choose to take the parody route. Alright. With that deadline in mind, it’s time to pick yer poison and get to writing!