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NanoReno 2016 to Gather Aspiring Visual Novel Devs During the Month of March


Aspiring visual novel creators might as well clear their March schedule, as that’s when the ninth annual NanoReno is set to take place, tasking interested parties with the creation of a brand new visual novel. Oh and it has to be from scratch. None of that ‘but I have these lovely assets lying around’ nonsense. No. From scratch, as the rules clearly state.

Speaking of, genre, format and platform are less of a restricted matter, as these are pretty much up to each individual developer. Oh and your submission, by the end of March, doesn’t have to be flawless – so long as it’s playable, no problem. Bugs can always be fixed down the road. Or never. Most would probably prefer if they were though.

Right. Anyway, unlike some jams, NanoReno is not a competition in that there will be no judging and no prizes handed out. It’s a game jam in its purest form, meant to inspire the creation of new visual novels (as we really can’t have enough of those), and that should be enough for most, ya know?

I mentioned earlier that everything has to be made from scratch, but even so – brainstorming, sketches and such are okay. Given the type of media we’re dealing with here, I’d almost say the gathering of plot ideas is the biggest part of development. Almost.

On a related note, my apologies for not covering this sooner, as the jam begins in… less than 48 hours! As such, I’m gonna wrap this up with a link to the announcement post and a “good luck” to any and all participants. NanoReno. So very groovy.