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Point ‘n Click to Clear Your Father’s Name In ‘My Burden to Keep’, a 1940s Murder Mystery

The year is 1941, sun’s barely showing, and… the mayor – James Scott – has been murdered! In his home, of all places, by your father of all people. Or so the authorities believe, but surely there’s more to it in My Burden to Keep, right? One way to find out in this point ‘n click adventure, which has you playing not only the part of detective Francis Dale, but also Gabriel Heinrich, son of the murder suspect.

If that tidbit coupled with the above screenshot isn’t enough to sway you towards a purchase, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Oh wait, I do actually, in the form of a question: aren’t you the least bit curious as to who would commit a crime such as this, or at the very least, slightly intrigued by the prospect of journeying through the early 1940s, complete with an old-school soundtrack and matching art style?

So darn groovy, and hey, the whole thing wraps up in… about an hour. No nonsensical padding/filler. Just the story, start to finish, in a bite-sized format. Which, if you think about it, really is the best way to go about making an adventurous detective tale. So get to it, eh? A murder awaits solving, a name clearing, in My Burden to Keep!

My Burden to Keep is available from itch.io, carrying a $3.90 price tag.

My Burden to Keep – Release Trailer – OUT NOW!