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‘In My Brother Rabbit’ the Imaginary World of a Child Fallen Ill Is So Much More

A child’s imagination is serious business, and in My Brother Rabbit, it doubles as a much-needed reality escape for a child fallen (fatally?) ill! With the help her older brother, they decide to cope by… well, creating a rather odd and different world – completely separate from the one they live in, with a story of its own. A world we’ll soon get to experience, giant mushrooms, melting clocks and all. A world that just might be what the siblings need to stay strong until treatment becomes available. Fingers crossed.

Now, while its inhabitants are certainly unlike anything in the outside world, its overarching story does share similarities with the troubles aforementioned siblings face: a rabbit is determined to nurse his friend, the flower, back to health. By any means possible. Even if it means facing the trials and tribulations of point ‘n click puzzles, mini-games, and uncovering objects well-hidden in this surreal world. Nothing is going to stand in the way of this rabbit.

Oh, and forget what you know about how everything works, because in this place – which could really do with a name, given its rather obvious importance – nothing is quite as it seems, and works even less so. When it does. Which is to say, most of the time it doesn’t. But is it really supposed to? We are after all talking about something put together in the mind of two children, so I believe we are better off simply expecting the unexpected on what is bound to be a rather emotional journey.

My Brother Rabbit will be available on Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam, this fall.

My Brother Rabbit Announce Trailer – Fall 2018