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‘Mushroom Crusher Extreme’s Demo Lets You Elementally Blast Invading Mushrooms

Mushroom Crusher Extreme (demo)

Mushrooms are evil, and I’m not just referring to those in Mushroom Crusher Extreme either, even if those are of a particularly nasty breed. As such, you – the protagonist – has taken up the task of repelling an invasion of said mushrooms, fighting fire with fire (and earth, among other). You know, power of the elements and all that, because wizardry.

Tile by tile, mushroom by mushroom, I rampaged through the level available in this pre-release demo, an unstoppable force to say the least. Well, more or less anyway, as I was hardly untouchable or immune to pain. But those bouncy bozos would have to catch me first, and you better believe that with the ability to fling fireballs across great distances – as well as cause tremors – they rarely did. Bet ya I made at least a few of them regret attempting to invade my neck of the woods. Large-headed punks.

That said, demo or not, balance being what it is, I wasn’t able to simply go balls-to-the-wall, flinging both spells constantly, as each use triggered a brief cooldown. Didn’t help the invading force though, as it simply forced me to utilize a more tactical approach instead, timing my movements on the isometric grid, blasting rocks and other obstacles in my path. Oh and no hourglass was spared either, seeing how each blown up would give me additional time to wrap up the current level.

Mushroom Crusher Extreme (demo)

There’s also an upgrade system which enables you to power up each spell, of which it seems there’ll be quite a few in the final version. Unfortunately, only the two mentioned were available in the demo, so we’ll have to wait and see what the rest are. Come to think of it, maybe they’ve hidden one or more hints about said spells on the Greenlight page for Mushroom Crusher Extreme, or even in the trailer embedded below? Only one way to find out, and remember to vote!

Mushroom Crusher Extreme Greenlight Trailer [Isometric Arcade-Action for Win, Mac and Linux]

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