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The Quest For Cheese: Tetromino Puzzler ‘MouseCraft’ Has Arrived


Tetris, Lemmings, mice and a crazy feline scientist, all in the same game. Never thought I’d see the day, but that’s MouseCraft in a nutshell: assist Schrödinger (the cat) by creating a safe path, so as many mice as possible may reach that delicious block of cheese at the end of each level. Although the inclusion of environmental hazards means that unless you’re incredibly skilled, casualties will occur.

Now, even though puzzle games don’t really need any kind of story to be enjoyable, what little this one has, is at least unique (not to mention, kinda insane): Schrödinger is working on a mysterious mice-powered machine. Did someone say ‘mad scientist’? Bet he’s every bit as nuts as he seems – probably hell-bent on world domination too!

But whatever his reason for making that darn thing, your job, believe it or not, is to help him, block by block, with some even possessing unique properties. Jelly blocks, for example, can be used to stop the poor things from falling to their death, while unstable ones will crumble once two mice have wandered across, along with some that are downright dangerous. Explosions! Electricity! Kaboom! Chances are, long before you even reach that final 80th level, one or more mice will have fallen. All in the name of science (or is it?).


With so many titles having carried the Early Access label for what seems like an eternity, I for one am glad to see finally this one reach completion, every last level implemented, all bugs (hopefully) gone. Time will tell if that last bit holds true, but for now, I do believe I hear the sound of mice in need of my assistance. So if you’ll excuse me…

MouseCraft is available for Windows, Mac and Linux from Steam, GOG.com (Win/Mac) and IndieGameStand, priced at $14.99 $11.99 (until the 16th this month). Sony fans can pick it up as a three-way (PS3/PS4/Vita) cross-buy, for $14.99.

MouseCraft – Launch Trailer (PC, PS4, PS3, PS Vita)