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Tactical RPG ‘MISTOVER’ Aims to Breed Dread and Despair With But a Flicker of Hope

MISTOVER is without a doubt one of the most unsettling video games I’ve come across in a long time. A very long time. “Explore the Mist to decide the fate of Mankind”, says the blurb on the game’s website. So no pressure, right? Yeah. A mere glance at the trailer, however short, and chances are you’ll be overwhelmed by fear, excitement, or – if you’re anything like me – both.

That said, while I do enjoy squaring off with otherworldly beings against all odds, I can’t quite shake that feeling of familiarity in MISTOVER‘s art style. Not that I have anything against KRAFTON Inc. crafting a title that resembles Darkest Dungeon more than a little, mind you; just felt it was worth making a brief note of. Maybe this one won’t be absolutely soul-crushing? Yeah right.

During the expedition of Pillar of Despair, what will become of the fate of humanity?

But even if that does turn out to be the case, rest assured that I will still do my best to beat this beast, exploring its constantly changing maps on an expedition to… well, you know, save mankind? That’s the plan at least. I suspect “famous last words” will be applicable, as I, like every other adventurer brave (or foolish) enough to embark on a journey through its five “distinct regions”, will have our work cut out for us, limited visibility and death spelling the permanent end of fallen crew members.

Then again, a mighty turn-based RPG full of doom and gloom awaits – one of challenge and reward in equal amounts (I hope). So… once more unto the breach, dear friends!

MISTOVER will be hitting Steam and Switch… soon.

[MISTOVER] Teaser Trailer