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MiniLD 64 Is All About the Awesomeness That Is Nintendo 64

minild 64

MiniLD 64. Nintendo 64. I see what you did there! Great idea though. It is after all a console that, for many, harbors fond memories… so why not pay homage to it with a game that borrows elements from what made it so great? Just remember that copyright is still in place, so no asset ninjaing or anything of the sort.

The rules, this being a MiniLD and not the ‘main event’, as it were, are rather relaxed. All ya gotta do is make a game during the weekend of January 22nd-24th, one which somehow, in some way, relates to Nintendo’s almost-twenty-year-old console. Feel free to hit up YouTube for ideas or a refresher, if your memory isn’t what it used to be, but again, remember, no copyright infringement.

* a game inspired by your favorite N64 game; maybe even a straight up remake.
* a game done to look like an N64 game with low-poly 3D graphics
* a 3D reimagining of a 2D game. Perhaps of one of your earlier LD entries?

There ya go. A couple of ideas, straight from the announcement, to help get ya started. So get those creative juices flowing, make something awesome, and be sure to go “it’s a-me, Mario!” while revisiting 1996 as you crunch code, draw, and animate, this weekend. Woo-hoo!