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Make a Splish and a Splash In ‘Guppy’, Avoid Aquatic Predators


Ever wanted to find out if the seaweed is truly greener in somebody else’s lake? In Guppy, you get to experience the life of a fish, swimming and eating all day, not a care in the world. Actually, that’s not entirely true, as there’s the constant threat of falling prey to bigger fish; circle of life and all that.

None of them will be able to spot you under the shade of a lily pad though, and this is easily the best way to avoid being eaten. Could always try to outswim them I guess, but seeing how the developer went for authenticity over accessibility, that can be tricky. See, like real fish, swimming in this game involves flexing your body (and tail) back and forth, done by rapidly pressing the left and right arrow keys. None of that much easier up/down/left/right stuff here. I’m not gonna lie: those controls take some getting used to, especially considering how aggressive the AI of hostile fish is.

While there’s no time limit or anything of the sorts, I’d still recommend against losing yourself in the lovely hand-drawn art. There’s delicious food just waiting to be consumed after all, which’ll disappear if you don’t hurry and gobble it up! Gobble gobble. Oh and be sure to keep an eye out for flies, as these determine how much you’ve accomplished while splashing around (ie. your score), dodging aquatic predators as best you can.

So make the most of it, for sooner or later you will be someone’s snack. It’s inevitable, but until then, why not swim and eat to your heart’s content, in Guppy? As science hasn’t quite reached that point, and I pray it never does, this is probably your best shot at turning into a fish, however briefly.

Guppy – now with music