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MAGS September is… When “Past And Future Collide”


Adventure Game Studio. Easily my favorite engine, second only to SCUMM. So, MAGS! Unlike most jams, which tend to last from 72 hours to a full week with no engine restriction, this one spans a month and requires participants to use… wait for it… Adventure Game Studio! Who’s in the mood for creating some adventure games?

I have a time machine. Do you have a time machine? If not, you really should get a time machine. And not just because of this month’s MAGS, which focuses on that magical point when “Past and Future Collide” either. Time machines are great for so many things. But… for now, let’s focus on putting a game together with Adventure Game Studio, shall we? Make time collide. With itself. Right now!

As for the month prior… we have no less than three entries (yet again)! Very groovy.

Noah’s Quest (slasher)
Help Noah find and take back the animals he needs to the Ark before the mighty floods start…

The Last Supper, A Whodunnit (Ross Kevin Moffat (AKA Mandle))
It’s a pretty basic whodunnit mystery game where you try to figure out which disciple betrayed Christ to the Roman soldiers for 30 pieces of silver.

10 Ways From Sunday (HanaIndiana)
Debra needs God’s help, but she needs to get His attention. Has she taken it too far?