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MAGS September: Make a Game Featuring "Stephen King"


Ah, Adventure Game Studio. Easily my favorite engine of all time, second only to… SCUMM (bet ya didn’t see that coming). Unlike most jams, which tend to last anything from 72 hours to a week, with no engine restriction, MAGS spans a full month and requires participants to use Adventure Game Studio. So who’s in the mood for some fresh freeware adventures?

Hail to the king! Stephen King that is. Why? Because… wait, seriously, you’re not familiar with his works? Oh for shame. Seriously though, MAGS September puts the famous author in the spotlight, tasking participants with making a game featuring him in some form. Maybe as a character, or simply inspired by one of, well, something! Get creative, eh?

Sharpen your axes, face unspeakable horrors that will haunt you for the rest of your life and make some crappy direct-to-DVD or TV special adaptations.

Oh and as always, I’ve taken the liberty of presenting last month’s submissions below. No victor just yet, and hey, we might actually see a third submission, which I’ll be sure to add. Fingers crossed.

Update: third submission added!
Update 2: …and a fourth!

Linn the Protector and The seven Daughters of Ran (MAGS)

Linn the Protector and The seven Daughters of Ran (Grok)
Linn, hand maiden of Lady Frigg, must protect Eric – the son of the Jarl of North Anglia-, from being drowned by the seven daughters of Ran. And then she must face Ran herself.

The Cold Hand Reef (MAGS)

The Cold Hand Reef (WHAM)
A young girl and her father, struggling to make ends meet, are forced to seek their fortune amidst the treacherous rocks of the infamous Cold Hand Reef. But there is more to the reef than just mere rocks, and something evil awaits in the darkness.


Bitstream (Chicky)
Hack your way through complex folder structures in an attempt to bring down a mysterious organization, set in a hostile world where the vast majority of it’s inhabitants are completely reliant on respiratory breathing aids.

All Gone Soon 2

All Gone Soon 2 (vertigoaddict)
This time, play as Fadilah as she helps Giles live.