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MAGS November Ain’t Afraid of no Birds With its “Scarecrows” Theme


Halloween may have come and gone for 2018, but that apparently won’t stop this month’s MAGS from tasking aspiring adventure game creators from coming up with something featuring, well, a scarecrow. Perhaps even an iteration of the same-named Batman villain? Who knows. Also, it doesn’t have to be a game set strictly in the horror genre, so long as it features something that will scare crows.

But… all that’s just for MAGS November. What about MAGS October? It might not have yielded many games, but you know, quality over… size? Right. Something like that. Now get to clicking and playing and… pointing? Maybe not in that order.

Captain Downes and the Pirate Princess [AGS] (Blondbraid)
Captain Roderick Downes is sailing the Baltic sea when he is boarded by pirates led by a local princess, and Roderick soon finds himself prisoner on his own ship.
He will have to escape using the things he can find in his cabinet of curiosities.

Captain Carver’s Carnival Curios [itch.io] (VampireWombat)

Dr. Chuckles’ miniature world of madness [AGS] (Slasher and Mikeg)
You are officer Marc Delago. You’ve been tasked with reopening a cold case leading back to the 80’s, involving a string of missing people in the Sleepy Oak area, after new evidence matching the M.O. of the maniac behind the kidnappings came to light.
A heavily wounded and psychologically distressed man claiming to be an escaped victim of the kidnapper has provided a compelling statement that could lead you straight to his captor.
Will you finally bring justice to the homicidal mad man behind these kidnappings?
Are these kidnappings in any way linked to the disappearance of the governor’s daughter?
What hidden dangers will you encounter along the way?
Find out in Dr Chuckles’ Miniature World of Madness.