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MAGS June: Make a Game That Puts "Television" Front and Center


Ah, Adventure Game Studio. Easily my favorite engine of all time, second only to… SCUMM (bet ya didn’t see that coming). Unlike most jams, which tend to last anything from 72 hours to a week, with no engine restriction, MAGS spans a full month and requires participants to use Adventure Game Studio. So who’s in the mood for some fresh freeware adventures?

Teeeeeveeeeeeee! Right? Right. TV good. We like TV. Hopefully AGS devs do too, as June 2015’s MAGS competition is all about, well, TV! Really hope some’ll make a game with a TV protagonist. That’d just be so groovy, ya know?  You have exactly one month to participate in MAGS June, starting… well, a few days ago!

Note: seems there were some ‘issues’ with MAGS May, in that… well, no participants (wait, what?!). Had to happen at some point I suppose. Hopefully MAGS June will be different. Time will tell.

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