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MAGS February is All About… “Dressing Up”?


Ready, set, undre– I mean, dress up! New month means new MAGS (as it has for quite some time now), and this one is all about… well… I mean, the theme is… Dressing Up! Make of that what you will. Such is the magic of MAGS after all.

But… that’s MAGS February. What about MAGS January? We did get a trio of crazy crossover (as dictated by its theme) last month, so ya know, why not check them out? Drop what you’re doing right now and play some groovy free adventure games! Trust me. It’ll be worth it.

Alice in Maniacland (Dog Rat)
I hope you all like it. It’s pretty short but there are different ways to complete the game, each one with a different ending, so try to get them all!

Ego in Planet of the Apes (Durq)
Ego in Planet of the Apes is a short and tasteless point-and-click adventure with profanity, sexual “jokes”, and crude “humor”.

Space Cross: The BSG-Team (CassieBSG)
Starbuck’s crash of the week takes him to a planet where he meets some odd people. Take control while he tries to fix his viper and return to the fleet.