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MAGS December: Make a “Pickpocketing” Game That’s a Real Steal


Adventure Game Studio. Easily my favorite engine, second only to SCUMM. So, MAGS! Unlike most jams, which tend to last from 72 hours to a full week with no engine restriction, this one spans a month and requires participants to use… wait for it… Adventure Game Studio! Who’s in the mood for creating some adventure games?

December! Yay, Christmas! Well, almost, but first… another month of MAGS awaits, and this one’s for the pockets. The pickpockets, that is. Oh, and before any of you plan for a life of crime: keep it in the game, eh? Trust me. It’s better that way, and besides, creating the world’s greatest pickpocket is easier in a virtual environment. Much easier. So get to it, for MAGS December!

Also, do take some time to play MAGS November‘s submissions (below).

Fallen Soldier (MAGS)

Fallen Soldier (Blondbraid)

Psychopomp (MAGS)

Psychopomp (Riaise)

Three Guys Walk Into Heaven (MAGS)

Three Guys Walk Into Heaven (Mandle)

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