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MAGS December: Where Games About Being “Depleted” Are Made


Adventure Game Studio. Easily my favorite engine, second only to SCUMM (bet ya didn’t see that coming). Anyway, MAGS! Unlike most jams, which tend to last anything from 72 hours to a full week with no engine restriction, MAGS spans a full month and requires participants to use… wait for it… Adventure Game Studio! Who’s in the mood for either playing or even better, creating some freeware adventures?

Depletion. Being depleted. Burnt out. Done. Can’t take anymore. Definitely not a positive state of mind, or body, that’s for sure. But… how about turning it into a game for December’s MAGS competition? I mean, that is the ‘theme’ for this one after all, so ya kinda have t, if ya plan on participating. Which you really should. Just saying. Good luck with MAGS December!

As always, last month’s MAGS entries have been listed below, with no victor as yet (voting is open, however). Good stuff for sure.

Song Animals (Emont)

Song Animals is a short adventure puzzle game, featuring a variety of strange and fantastic creatures on a quest to free their friends. Explore surreal watercolour worlds and use the power of music to rescue your animal friends.

Monster Wants In (Mandle)

This version represents only the bare-bones gameplay which is basically just “Whack-A-Mole” at the moment. A monster is breaking through the door from the other side. The idea is to hold the door by bracing the sections it is attacking.

OCEANSPIRIT DENNIS: The Terror of the Ice Princess (MiteWiseacreLives! & Team Party Wagon)

An epic RPG-Adventure with OSD himself! Join Dennis on a classic tale of love, betrayal, heroism and sea-turtles! Typical point and click game play cranked up with turn based fighting.

The Man That Only I Can See (Chicky)

Play as Arrabella, lost and scared in a world not all that different from our own.

Freak Chic (Atavismus, Marion, Bilibis et. al.)

More infos asap.

Scylla And Charybdis: A Grecian Ship From Olympus U (Eggie)

Picking up from the end of Somnamulizer; Aergia awakes in a cave with her memories still wiped and finds herself caught up in the turmlous relationship of a dysfunctional seamonster couple.

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