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MAGS September Is About Going… Cross-Country


Ah, Adventure Game Studio. Easily my favorite engine of all time, second only to… SCUMM (bet ya didn’t see that coming). Unlike most jams, which tend to last anything from 72 hours to a week, with no engine restriction, MAGS spans a full month and requires participants to use Adventure Game Studio. So who’s in the mood for some fresh freeware adventures?

Had the MAGS August deadline been extended by another a week, maybe even less, we’d have two finished Adventure Game Studio creations in heated battle. As it stands, however, we’re left with another victory by default. Not that Stupot’s Hen Man: Origins is to be sniffed at, but MAGS is after all pitched as a competition. Anyway, congratulations to Stupot for winning MAGS August!

So what’s next? Well, for September, it’s about hitting the road and going… Cross-Country! Plain, simple and quite a broad theme. We’ll see what people make of/with it, come October 1st.

Hen Man Origins

Hen Man Origins (Stupot) [1st place]
This is the story of Ash – a normal guy, a house-sitter. Find out how, in his own words, he became Hen Man, the most rubbish superhero in town. It is an underwhelming tale of pity for this guy, but does he even realise?