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Get Religious With Adventure Game Studio: MAGS August’s Theme is “The Bible”


Adventure Game Studio. Easily my favorite engine, second only to SCUMM. So, MAGS! Unlike most jams, which tend to last from 72 hours to a full week with no engine restriction, this one spans a month and requires participants to use… wait for it… Adventure Game Studio! Who’s in the mood for creating some adventure games?

For the month of August in this year of the lord, it is all about faith. Faith that great games will be made with Adventure Game Studio by a handful – or more – of developers. Faith that all is going to work out in the end. Faith that… well, I could go on, but the point I’m trying to make is that this month’s theme is “The Bible”. That’s right, religion. Time to let your imagination run wild and get super creative with it! It is after all… your game, your choice, for this month’s MAGS!

As for the month prior… we have no less than three entries (again)! Very groovy.

Heavy Metal Nannulf: The Strange Stage (DBoyWheeler)
A band is visiting the neighborhood of Nannulf Tungmetall, a serious heavy metal and rock music aficionado, but something is preventing them from coming out on stage.  Nannulf decides to investigate!

Disgust (horusr)
You don’t play as a gentleman who needs to pee!

That Day (Sandra T. Almeida)
That day is a very short game, about a boy named Randy that one day witnesses something, and his interpretation of the events will determine how his own life will progress.