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MAGS April’s Theme Brings About Game Making During the “End of an Era”


This is it. The end of an era. Well, according to this month’s MAGS theme anyway. But which era, and how will it end? That’s for you to decide, should you choose to partake in the game jam this time around. So many possibilities to strut your (creative) stuff, after all!

But… that’s MAGS April. What about MAGS March? It did give us a trio of fresh games after all, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to play some groovy free adventure games!

HYDRATE (Retro Wolf)
You are Shar, the last remaining engineer on a heavily damaged mining station in deep space. Many are dead, water supplies are gone, the last high ranking officer is drunk out of his face, what will you do?!

Flukie (VampireWombat)
Not as finished as I’d like, but ah well.

Suspicious Mind (Creamy and Kastchey)
It’s untested and probably buggy as hell but finishable.