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‘Lost Answers’ Impressions: Will the Killing of a Clown Bring Tears of Joy?

Lost Answers

There’s no denying it: in Lost Answers, you play the role of a killer; or so the game would have you believe, but is that really the case? Did you actually murder the dead guy in your apartment, or is something far more sinister going on? Whatever the case (get it?), your best bet – at this point – is to enlist the aid of a mysterious stranger. Unfortunately, the price for his help is for you to… kill a clown. A rather uncanny pointy and clicky mystery, this one…

A name and a location – Hal, in an abandoned manor at the desert – is all you have to go by. No background info or anything of the sort to indicate just who your target is, and why someone would want him dead. Oh wait, that’s not quite right: you do know that he is, of all things, a harlequin (no, really). But that still doesn’t explain the stranger’s murderous intent, or worse yet, why he needs the assistance of a third party to get the job done. Afraid to get his hands dirty, or could it be that someone is actually pulling his strings too?

Only one way to find out, and that, unfortunately, involves getting your hands dirty… unless you can somehow come up with an alternative? Ya never know what might happen between now and that fateful encounter with your mark (one of many?), after all. A solution could appear where one least expects it to – or not. Maybe continuing down this path is the right thing to do, even at the cost of someone’s life.

I mean, you do want to know what happened and how to best deal with it, right? That dead body isn’t going to simply disappear, after all. But as I mentioned earlier, there might be another route through this mess – one that doesn’t pretty much guarantee time behind bars. Only one way to find out: step into the shoes of Lost Answers‘ protagonist and get some answers.