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Loot Rascals Has a Space Theme Park With Other Players’ Hard-Earned Loot

Loot Rascals

You know what every space theme park needs? A pan-dimensional godbeast of course – or so Hollow Ponds, Loot Rascals developer, thought. Not sure I agree, but here we are, big bulky badass beast invading an otherwise lovely looking locale of fun and laughter. Which would probably matter at all, were you not busy laying waste to other, smaller baddies. Oh, and do try to stop them from stealing your precious Loot Cards…

If they do, chances are you’ll never see them again, immediately whisked off to another player’s game. It may sound just a tiny bit crazy, but that’s totally a thing in Loot Rascals. And should you manage to terminate a so-called ‘Elite Baddie’, you get a Loot Card… from another player. Sure would be nice to have more titles with something as unique as this, even if, you know, stealing is not a nice thing. Unless the theft takes place inside a video game, at which point – go ahead! Just remember to kill the shopkeep, lest he… ahem, getting back on track now.

Every game is different in this procedurally generated roguelike: gather Loot Cards, show the Thing Below who’s boss, and fly Big Barry to victory!

So, Loot Cards. These are going to be your bread and butter for fending off that accursed godbeast, and rescuing your robot pal Big Barry, as each enables the use of a special ability; or put differently: when brute force simply isn’t enough… Loot Cards! And more Loot Cards! Followed by even more Loot Cards. One can never have enough of these things, and I’m not just saying that because they also serve other purposes, all equally beneficial.

One last thing: since this colorful turn-based adventure will play out step by step, one hex at a time, do plan ahead – or you may find yourself… getting looted. I think. Something something Loot Cards!

Loot Rascals is available for Windows from Steam, Humble, and itch.io, as well as PS4 (EU, US), at $15.

Loot Rascals Launch Trailer