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Little Briar Rose Revisits the Tale of Sleeping Beauty, Point ‘n Click Style

Little Briar Rose

You know that princess who was put under an evil spell, cursed to sleep for exactly one hundred years because she wouldn’t pay her bills? Yeah okay, I may not be remembering the story of Briar Rose quite right. Fortunately for me, and fans of fairy tales in general, Little Briar Rose recently reimagined that very story, point ‘n click style, and with lovely visuals to boot.

“Once upon a time…” may be a tad cliché at this point, but it is still how most of these stories begin, no matter who’s (re)telling them. Whether it be the Brothers Grimm, Disney or – as is the case for this version – Elf Games Works, puzzles, glass-stained art, and everything. Because not every genre entry has to be pixel art, I suppose. I wouldn’t mind if that was the case, though.

Right. Anyway, Little Briar Rose! A magical forest, silly creatures, a (hopefully) heroic prince and a damsel (read: princess) in distress – even if she’s likely not going to awaken until moments before the credits roll, but oh well. Such is the story, after all. That said, given the inclusion of mini-games in this adaptation, certain liberties were obviously taken… so who knows what might happen? Heck, the ending could be severely messed up for all we know, no one living happily ever after! No one!

Little Briar Rose is available from Steam, at $7.99.

Little Briar Rose – Official Trailer

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