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Piece Together the Remnants of a Shattered Timeline As You… Lit the Torch

Lit the Torch

What if one was able to create windows into a different timeline? I mean, it’d be a pretty neat trick for sure. But alas, in Lit the Torch, it’s a way of salvaging what once was, more so than… well, showing off. Or perhaps it’s actually a bit of both, depending on how you feel about, oh I don’t know, saving the world. Might as well look cool while acting as a savior of all, right?

And you better believe the ability to activate a movable ‘frame’ – one that offers a glimpse into a different time at that – helps with the coolness factor. Sure, you’ve got your typical ‘move left’, ‘move right’ and ‘jump’ platforming moves too, but there’s no denying that the puzzle aspect is front and center here. Especially since, without it, you wouldn’t be able to actually get anything done!

See, this so-called ‘frame’, as it were, is an actual world-changer, in that it redefines what exists wherever you place it, revealing hidden passages, platforms, and so on. So much running, jumping and spying on what was / will be, just to light a bunch of torches (hence the title). But again, no one else is going to piece together this shattered timeline, so… better get to it. Oh, and do crank up those speakers as you go puzzling along.

Lit the Torch is available from iTunes (iOS 8.0+), carrying a $0.99 price tag, and no in-app purchases.

Lit the Torch – Action Adventure&Puzzle Platform

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