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‘Let’s Cook Jam’ Caters to the Deliciousness of Video Games

Let's Cook Jam

Show of hands, who can name more than one or two food related video games? For me, only Cook, Serve, Delicious! comes to mind, really. Rather odd, considering the amount of titles I’ve encountered and/or covered over the years. As such, figured I’d good Let’s Cook Jam some attention and hopefully get people involved. The world could certainly do with more delicious food (and food games).

Now, in terms of rules and regulations – because jams always have those for some reason – this one’s actually keeping it simple. Entries must include food in some way, and… that’s it. Could go the extra mile though, by “using food related graphics made by Eeve Somepx or Tokka Train“, ya know? Or even better: have your creation be about the cooking/preparation/making of food, even if it’s simply an edible match-3 (wait, what?).

Tweets with the hashtag #letscookjam, screenshots, video uploads, and blog posts of jam games will be pulled into the feed while they’re being worked on.

Hosted by Jupiter Hadley (@Jupiter_Hadley), the Let’s Cook Jam will run from April 24th to May 2nd. Should be ample time to gather ingredients, fire up ye ol’ stove and cook up a glorious new game, I’d say. Just remember: it has to be about food – any kind of food goes. Nom nom nom!