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Survivability in Twin-Stick Shooter ‘Last Encounter’ Relies on Your Weapon Building Skills

In most cases, following a narrow escape from invading hostiles, death is inevitable. Inevitable and quite, you know, final. But in Last Encounter, cloning technology being a thing and all, the good guys (if they are in fact that?) are able to always keep at it, never afraid to push further into unknown space. And why should they be, when they are… clones? Just saying.

This does make ya wonder why they decided to retreat rather than stand and fight, numbers obviously being on their side. Perhaps the opposing force was simply much too overwhelming, making fleeing further into the depths of space the more viable alternative. Yeah. That must’ve been it.

Whatever the case, there’s twin-stick shootin’ to do here, and in procedurally generated galaxies (universes?) no less! Oh, and you get to mix and match, play a bit of create-a-weapon as you go along, combining “dozens of advanced weapon components scattered throughout diverse galaxy biomes”. Not bad.

Last Encounter is a twin-stick roguelike in deep space following a group of heroes trying to prevent the unavoidable by cloning their ships and designing their weapons with swappable components.

Whether your creation will be strong enough to lay waste to whatever may lie ahead remains to be seen. On a related note, it’d probably be a good idea to bring a friend along. Or two. Maybe even even three – if you can manage to gather that many – for some fast-paced fun… IN SPACE!

Last Encounter will be available from Steam on May 8. Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch, Q2 2018.

Last Encounter – Announcement Trailer

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