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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: ‘Kaidan’

Kaidan Kickstarter

Ever wondered what it would be like if, instead of simply telling a scary story, you could have your friends actually experience the creaking floor boards, rapidly slamming doors, shattering windows and otherworldly voices? Because that’s Kaidan in a nutshell, and I dare say it’s looking mighty spiffy!

Write a backstory / create a setting, add characters, piece together each explorable area, maybe throw in a bunch of puzzles and / or riddles using the Kaidan System, and you’re all set to scare the living daylights out of those poor souls. It really is that simple, and it can be every bit as complex or simple as you want. Oh and each story can be shared with the community, allowing others to rate whatever you create.

Quite the variety too, in terms of both backdrop (hospital, mansion, etc.) and exactly what is going on in the locale, courtesy of user-generated text, audio and imagery. “No two experiences will be the same”? Probably not, but eh, close enough. As far as actually playing each tale, you’ll be taking on the role of either the haunter or one of several victims, each with a different goal; the haunter, needless to say, is tasked with scaring the victims, while they… better run and hide, their sanity – and very lives – literally on the line. Scare, get scared, or create the scenarios for other to, you know, scare or get scared within. Something something haunting horror.

Kaidan’s core experience is created by its community of players who can choose between three roles. The Storyteller, who creates a horror story, the Haunter, who plays the role of the villain in the story, or the Victim, who plays as one of the main characters.

But there’ll be none of that terrifyingly fun stuff unless Kaidan smashes its Kickstarter goal of $75,000. At the time of writing, the project is sitting at $11,153 with 14 days to go, meaning at least $63,847 has to be pledged before March 29. I’m sure they’ll pull through though, and following that, we should see a release come April 2017 on Windows / OS X (Steam + DRM-free) and PS4. Hauntingly awesome.

Kaidan Kickstarter Trailer