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Four Weeks, Four New Games: It’s March Madness On Jump!

At some point Jump will without a doubt be removing the 50% discount, subscriptions going back to a full $9.99 per month, but not just yet. Oh, and we’re in March now, which means… new games! Quite the mix this time too, as you’ll notice by reading the rest of this here article.

Now, as with February’s additions, March’s new games will be brought to the platform over the course of the month and as always, I will be updating with links (and video embeds), as each title becomes available on Jump.

10 Second Ninja X – Trailer 01

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10 Second Ninja X
In this shockingly fast, overwhelmingly intense action/puzzle platformer developed by Four Circle Interactive and published by Curve Digital, the nefarious Captain Greatbeard has kidnapped players and trapped their forest friends inside of his army of robots. Destroy all of psychopathic Greatbeard’s robots in 10 seconds or less. Fight through 100 levels, explore Greatbeard’s airship, discover secrets, climb the leaderboards and show everyone what it means to be the fastest, coolest hero EVER.

Cubiques – Trailer 01

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A collection of 70 unique and challenging puzzles by developer Dilmer Valecillos, with a beautiful 3D isometric design and a minimalistic and gorgeous environment. This relaxing game features enchanting music and sounds that engage players through a fun adventure.

Cubiques 2 – Trailer 01

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Cubiques 2
In the sequel to Cubiques (also launching on Jump this month), multiple cubes invade this simplistic but very challenging world. Every movement must be well thought out since each movement can affect multiple cubes in the environment. Like its predecessor, this game features 70 puzzle levels built with a 3D isometric design, but this time in black and white.

You Must Be 18 or Older to Enter
A multi-award nominee and winner, this provocative horror title by James Earl Cox III tells the tale of a young person’s first foray into adult content in the early ’90s, a time where accessing such content was far more difficult and forbidden. While the topic of the game seems to be about the world of online porn, players soon find this game featuring risqué ASCII art images is much more than it appears, delving into the human comprehension of what is being seen on the screen for the first time in a young adult’s life, and the fear and anxiety of being caught.