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Feel Like Judging IGF 2017? Well, Now’s the Time to Apply!


About a month ago, IGF 2017 opened its annual call for submissions, and now, as the event draws ever closer, a different kind of application has opened: for judging the competition! Oh and in case you’re wondering, no, you don’t have to be a developer or have a degree in law to be a judge at this year’s IGF. Well, anyone involved with games that is, from developers to journalists and even, you know, bloggers. So long as you aren’t a participant in the competition, for obvious reasons.

Anyone interested need only fill out this form prior to October 8, and… wait. Also, keep in mind that not everyone will get a shot at it, as that would likely be much too difficult to manage. Or chaotic even, depending on the amount of candidates. Either way, deadline’s in little under a month, so get to it – but only if you’re serious about the task. IGF is pretty darn important to the developers after all.

So pray tell, dear reader: will you – or anyone you know – be applying for the job of judge at this year’s Independent Games Festival? The comments section is always open for business!

(Source: IGF 2017 opens call for judges)

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