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Go Small or Go Home: Make a Game Sized 13kb (or Less!) for Js13kGames

These days, video games tend to take up absolutely ridiculous amounts of precious hard drive space. Take 2016’s DOOM, for example: darn thing clocks in at well over fifty gigabytes! Completely bonkers and not really the reason for Js13kGames to be a thing, but the two are still related. Kinda. That said, what sets the two even further aside is that, well, Js13kGames is about making games in HTML, JavaScript, CSS and such. Small games. Incredibly small games. Bite-sized games, some might say? Eh? Eh? Anyway…

While a lot of people are more than capable of breathing life into a game, in spite of being restricted to JavaScript HTML and other open web tech, the 13kb size limit placed on this particular game jam is likely to challenge even the most experienced coder. But that’s the way it is. Rules are set. Oh, speaking of – your creation must work in Firefox and Chrome, for starters, consist of nothing but new content, and embrace the theme.

What theme? Ah yes, no one will know until 13:00 CEST, 13th August 2017, which is also when Js13kGames kicks off, to end exactly one month later at 13:00 CEST on 13th September 2017. One month. Better brush up on those game making skills, and remember to keep it small. Because size does matter!

Last but not least, be sure to read the remainder of the rules on the link below. Better safe than sorry…


(Thanks to GitHub blog for the heads up!)

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