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Navigating the DRM-Freeness of itch.io Just Got Noticeably Easier


Ain’t often I write about articles dedicated to specific storefronts, but this is definitely worthy of some additional attention, as it’s a rather lovely quality-of-life improvement for itch.io. I mean, seeing how the site now hosts more than 20,000 games (and other goodies), finding exactly what you want can be tricky – or it would, without the recent ‘Enhanced Browsing’ update. Browsing… made easy.

What this means, among other things, is that you’re now able to narrow your browsing significantly, filtering to show only what you want and nothing else (more or less, anyway). I’m not talking about simply picking genre tag(s) and OS tag(s), and running with it either, as you’ll be able to mix and match to your heart’s content with the new system in place.

Input method, price, average duration, local or online multiplayer and accessibility features, are just some of the filters available for whenever you feel like perusing the ever-growing library of free and premium titles. Overkill? Hardly. More like, the way it should be. Oh and then there’s the ‘tag suggestion’ feature, for times when you’re feeling adventurous, and of course, a more mobile-friendly redesign. Good stuff.

The entire ‘list’ can be found in itch.io’s directory, so eh… get to browsing!

(Source: Enhanced Browsing)